How to Link Aadhar Card to Hdfc Bank Account Online

By | January 20, 2017

There are two methods to link Aadhar card with HDFC Bank Account. You can do this Online or Offline as per your desire. Linking Aadhar card to your account allows you to avail many exciting offers. Besides these offers, Aadhar Card linking to bank accounts is soon going to become compulsory now. Check out these super easy and effective steps to link Aadhar card number with HDFC Bank Account and enjoy attractive offers by the bank.

Link Aadhar Card to HDFC Bank Account Online

Step-1: Go to

Step-2: Login to your account with correct User ID and Password

Step-3: On the right corner menu, you will see “Request” tab. Select this tab.

link aadhar card to hdfc

Step-4: Click on “View/Update Aadhar Number” appearing under the Request Tab

how to link aadhar card to HDFC bank account online

Step-5: You will see the following screen:

Update Aadhar Number in Hdfc Bank

Enter your Aadhar card Number and re-enter it again for confirmation purposes. Click on Update in the last.

Thats’s it. You have successfully linked Aadhar Card Number with Hdfc Bank Account Online.

Link Aadhar Number with HDFC Bank Account through Branch Visit

Though, the above mentioned steps allow you to link Aadhar Card details with HDFC bank details instantly but in case you ever find difficulty in doing so online, you can opt the offline method as well. The offline mode of Aadhar card linking to banks consists of following steps:

Step-1: Download the form required to link Aadhar Number with HDFC bank Account

Click Here to download form

Step-2: Take a print out of this form and will it completely

Step-3: Submit the dully filled form to your branch manager

Step-4: You need to submit a photocopy of Aadhar Card alongwith the application form

Step-5: You may be asked to show the original Aadhar card for verification purposes. So, do not forget to carry the original Aadhar Card as well

Step-6: Your account will be updated with Aadhar Card details

That’s it!!!


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